We are a tour operator committed to providing high quality experiences related to nature. We actively participate in the promotion and development of tourist destinations of integral way This implies a work of the hand of the local communities with our ally the Valle de Colores Foundation.



Colombia and its more than 1,900 bird species have been waiting for conditions for decades and social policies for the development of nature tourism and bird watching as development and conservation industry for the rural area. This has only been possible since the year 2005, moment in which the situation of the country began a process of stabilization.


Today it is possible to visit the rural area of ​​the country and enjoy the wonderful landscapes Colombians at the same time that you can access excellent tourist services.

Colombia is a country that allows you to visit a great variety of ecosystems, taking short trips through a system of roads that is in good condition in its great most.




The Valle del Cauca is one of the most interesting biologically speaking departments of the country, this is mainly due to the presence of 2 of the 3 mountain ranges present in Colombia this allows the presence of all the ecosystems associated with the tropical Andes, a Valley inter-Andean where the Cauca River runs where there is presence of the tropical dry forest one of the most threatened forests in the world and the western slope of the western mountain range which is known worldwide as the Biographical Chocó, one of the wettest areas and biodiverse of the world. More than 1,000 species of birds put the Valle del Cauca as one of the most representative departments of the Colombian avifauna.